Wednesday, November 11, 2009

True to form

That is how our two little children were running today. Mama always knows ;-)

Today was the first trip to the Pediatric Dentist for our DD. I knew that when I told them recently about going, that their reactions would be totally different and I was so right. Katie and her worry wart self, immediately wailed "NOOOOO, I don't want to go to the dentist, I don't like the dentist!!!" This child has never been to the dentist, she has never spoken to anyone about the dentist as far as I know and the only knowledge that she has is from a couple of "very fun" books that I have read to her about the dentist. It is just her nature to be fearful of the unknown. Ethan on the other hand also ran true to form and when told of the impending appointment yelled "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!! I love the Dentist!!" Yup, same lack of knowledge and two very different reactions. Our mischief man has never met a new experience that he was not open to.

Of course, I have spent the last couple of days gently reminding Katie of the upcoming appointment and reminding her that the Dentist is a fun place for children and that she will get a new toothbrush and maybe even a prize if she is very cooperative. She did not look that convinced.

Today, we set off on our adventure and when we pulled into the parking lot and pointed out that we were there, Ethan cheered and Katie moaned. In we walked and Katie perked up when she saw the televisions, toys and video games. Ethan was already perked up, so his Perko-meter went off the charts!

After a few minutes we were called in and the DD were instructed how to brush their teeth after being able to choose new toothbrushes. They then got a chance to try it themselves. Katie looked utterly disgusted and Ethan tried to take all the toothbrushes from all of the sinks in the room....OY!

The DD, Marc and I were then taken back to the room where they would be examined by the dentist and then given their cleaning. The hygienist asked who wanted to go first and who do you think yelled....ME!?! Of course,....Ethan! That seemed like a good idea since then Katie would see that it was not a big deal by watching her brother. Ethan ran into the room and laid down on the chair all excited. The hygienist put sunglasses on him so that the light would not bother him and she examined his teeth. I knew what she would find and it would not be good. From the moment that we met our son in China we immediately saw the crowding, fused teeth and decay. He was still on the bottle at 2 1/2 so his teeth basically came to a point in the front from the nipple. I am sure that the issues are a combination of neglect, bad nutrition possibly of birth mother and child and the bottle being his main source of nutrition for too long and most likely propped in his mouth too much. For the past two years as we were building our attachment, we just did our best to keep his teeth clean and limit sugars so that when we felt comfortable taking him to the dentist it would not have worsened.

The dentist came in and after greeting us and speaking to the children, got her look at E's mouth. She found lots of cavities, fused teeth, cosmetic discoloration and severe crowding that basically ensures lots of extractions and orthodontia in the future. We spoke about our plan of action for him and then the hygienist got down to business and cleaned his teeth. Ethan basically giggled through the whole cleaning. I am glad that he is not frightened by the dentist because we will be back monthly for him for quite awhile, between the work that needs to be done in addition to special fluoride treatments.

Now, it was Katie's turn and again true to form she became quietly upset and gritted her teeth. The Dentist and Hygienist were excellent and were able to speak to her just the right way to have her open her mouth and cooperate. She was absolutely fine after that and just as I thought she has absolutely perfect teeth, gums and a very good chance at no orthodontia in the future if the spacing that she has now holds true. Good thing, since if she had to have the amount of work that E is going to have to have, we would both need therapy in the end.

We ended our appointment with two happy children bearing new toothbrushes, floss, pictures of them with the dentist, stuffed animals and, were they happy!

Even though we have lots of work ahead we were happy too. Dr Abby felt that we could really help E since we are tackling the issues early on and now both members of the DD say that they like going to the dentist and can't wait to go back!

P.S. Justin, I know that you read this daily so let me remind you that you need to get to the dentist too! You can never get too old for a little mama I mean love :)

Here are some photos from the visit taken by my phone camera and the one that the office took of them with the Doctor.

Ethan having his teeth looked at

Katie watching Ethan intently

Katie having her teeth examined

Dr Abby and the DD after a successful first visit to the dentist!


Love Letters To China said...

You must be one proud momma! I'm so glad they handled their first dental visit with such bravado. Liam is going next month for a quick cleaning and checkup. I'm sure that will be quite the experience too!

Wanda said... that's a load off your mind. They both handled it very well. (and Mom too :)

Too bad Ethan will have to have so much work done. The last picture of the DD with the Dentist is adorable.

Tammie said...

I'm so happy to hear that their visit went well. Dr Abby sounds wonderful! It really helps to have a kind, caring dentist & dental staff.

Monica said...

Good Job Katie & Ethan! Justin, listen to your poor Justin!

Vivian M said...

A great dentist makes all the difference! Glad the visit went well!
And Justin, you want nice white teeth for those wedding pics, right?

Candy said...

I'm so happy that everything turned out well. Like you said, Ethan is the better candidate to have the issues. He's a real trooper.

Mary said...

I'm so happy that their appointments went well! Dr. Abby and her staff are AWESOME!