Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What being a mother means to me

In one word....


There is nothing that gives me greater pleasure in the world than being around my children, all of them. I adore being their Mom.

Having this second chance at parenting has been the greatest gift of my life. Not necessarily because it is always fun or easy, although I do appreciate those times immensely. I think the biggest gift that parenthood during the "middle years" is the gift of wisdom and patience that I have been able to utilize in my parenting toolbox. I have always perceived myself as a good mom, although I surely wish that I had the head on my shoulders back then that I do now. I don't think that I was able to see the bigger picture in terms of the impact my words and deeds would have so many years later. I think good intentions and lots of love went a long way with Justin, as he is a super man. He is the kind of a man that I am proud to say will make a wonderful partner to his bride to be, Judy. That is the best gift that I could have ever been part of giving.

Thankfully, the Little's have the benefit of all of this "hard fought" wisdom that I have accumulated. I can already see the people that they will become being formed right in front of my eyes on a daily basis.

Lastly, there is no greater joy in life for me than watching the three of them together. Here I am this past July with the three of them and you can see the happiness all over my face.

Lori is one lucky mama and boy does she know it!!



Tammie said...

And they are just as lucky to have you as their mom!

JO said...

I like this post

Vivian M said...

What Tammie said!

And don't we all wish we had the wisdom the first time around? I am still looking for the instruction manual! :o)

Candy said...

Beautiful photo and beautiful family.

Mama Duck said...

I love your posts--and that picture is priceless! I wish I knew the parenting stuff you know...I have the benefit of age, but not necessarily wisdom, and as for parenting wisdom, this is my first time around. :)

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