Monday, December 28, 2009

See Marc, I told you I was the funniest!

Conversation heard in car today between the DD.

"Ethan, you know who is the funniest person in our house...Mommy is the funniest, then comes Daddy and then comes me. Ethan, you are not funny at all but I still love you!"

"Thank you Katie."

"You are welcome Ethan."


Marc Weinstock (DH) said...

"Mommy is the funniest, because she uses all of daddy's jokes"- Katie Starr

dawn said...

After that conversation in the car I vote that katie is the funniest person in the house! Or is that the car?
Poor little Mischief Man, he was such a gentleman about it!

Teresa said...

I'm with Dawn. Katie is the funniest, hands-down!

Tammie said...

Poor Ethan never stood a chance!

Diana said...

Thanks for the laugh:)
Tooo cute!! Poor

Vivian M said...

Katie is the funniest, and Ethan makes a great side kick!

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