Monday, January 25, 2010

A Beautiful Act of Kindness

We hit the jackpot when our son Justin met Judy. Not only were we graced with an amazing daughter in law but we had the added good fortune to have her wonderful family joined with ours.

There are not enough superlatives in the English language to describe Judy's parents, Elsa and Florencio as well as her sister Joyce. Suffice it to say that they are family in the best sense of that word.

As an example of what special people that they are, let me offer up the following example:

Late last week, Judy called me and told me that her parents were bringing over a large plant for our front garden on Saturday and she wanted to make sure that I would be home when they got there. I assured her that I would be as I was working from home that day. Saturday morning came and I hear our little Gabby barking her head off. I looked out the front window to find a truck backing up into our front yard and out from the truck pops our new in laws.

You see, Florencio owns a landscaping business and they decided that they were going to surprise us with about 35 plants and small trees and then completely re-landscape our front garden, which was in bad need of a face lift. Well, to say we were blown away by this beautiful act of generosity and kindness is to completely understate how we felt. You could have knocked us over with a feather.

Then, this wonderful couple went to work for the next 4 hours or so and planted, pruned and fertilized our new garden with the help of Katie and Ethan as the fertilizing assistants.

Thank you never seems sufficient when we are graced by such sweetness but since there is not a better way to express it...again, we want to saw thank you Elsa and Florencio! We appreciate you more than you know and love you all very much. We will do our best to nurture the garden as we also nurture our family relationship.

Here are a couple of pics that I took when I picked up my jaw off the floor. I only caught Katie in the act of helping spread the fertilizer with her little canister. They had such a blast helping.


Tammie said...

A true gesture of love & friendship. How wonderful of Judy's parents to do this!

Teresa said...

How wonderful! Coming from someone whose own front yard could use a face lift, it was a remarkable and generous gesture and your family totally deserves it!

Can we see pictures of the entire finished product? :)

M3 said...

Get outta town!! That is so sweet and so caring. Love them.

Love Letters To China said...

Wow that truly is amazing. They really are wonderful people, as are the recipients of the new landscape. So glad to see you have such a great relationship with your son's in laws.

Love your pics!

Vivian M said...

What a beautiful gift!

Gail said...

Great pics and what thoughtful and giving people!

dawn said...

How wonderful to have such a lovely new family. Your garden is going to grow just like your new family.

Can't wait to see the photos of it with all your new skills.....but i'd rather see ones of the DD <>

Mary McG in TN said...

Spectacular! You are truly blessed to have such wonderful in-laws!

Minouche said...

These acts of kindness happen in your life because kindness is what people get from YOU! :O) You deserve all the best in life, sweet friend! xoxoxoxox

Carol and Taylor said...

Yep, what goes around, comes around. Looks like this is a prime example.

Bet it all looks fab!

Hmmm, wonder if Miss Katie will want to be as helpful at 15? Love the pic of her spreading the manure.