Monday, January 25, 2010

Giving Ethan a run for his money in the mischief department

Katie brought me her Fisher Price camera as the memory was full and she could not take any more pictures or video (Like mother - like daughter.) In case you have never seen one of these kid camera's, it is a real digital camera that takes stills and video. It is very kid friendly and basically indestructible, which is a real plus with the preschool set.

When Katie handed it to me I began deleting pictures and video off of the memory so that she would be back in business. As I did this, I was looking at the pictures one by one, before I actually deleted them. I come across a picture of her standing on top of the very thin headboard rail of Ethan's toddler bed posing for a picture and obviously, Ethan took the pic!! In the picture she looked quite pleased with herself as she was mere inches away from the ceiling and balancing precariously on that one inch rail. I asked her about the pic and she said "Uh Oh, that couldn't have been me!!"

Me thinks the evidence proves otherwise!! What do you think?

Maybe this member of the Dynamic Duo is more mischievous than I gave her credit for.


Tammie said...

I wonder just how much of the mischief has in fact been due to Katie Starr. ;-)

M and M Girls said...

Oh I have a matched set in regards to the mischief and sometimes it can drive a mommy mad as you can't really tell who did what...hmmm but if I arm each with a camera! lol ;-)

LOL I love that she forgot about the evidence and handed it over to you. ;-)
Too cute

Mary McG in TN said...

I love the fact that Katie was caught after the act and that she 'told' on herself. LOL Way to go Katie! It is hard being perfect ALL the time. A girl has to have some fun. I am proud of her!