Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dr. Mischief

Katie is very under the weather tonight. The change in weather has exacerbated a slight cold into an all out asthma attack. In addition, she is now running a fever and has the stomach issues that normally accompany that condition. Dinner became a bit unappetizing when that complication set in...oy!

We have been trying to keep one half of the dynamic duo quiet and the other half has been really sweet and comforting. The first picture was of E hanging out by KS on the couch, while our fur baby hung out as well to lend a comforting paw.

Later, Katie was lying on the bed next to me relaxing while I was downloading some pics off of my camera when E walked in to "check" Katie out himself. I grabbed my camera and caught the next minute or sweet.

Hopefully, our sweet girl will be on the road to recovery soon. This winter has been really tough with her asthma related illnesses so far. She really deserves a break from all of it and we could use one too.


Gail said...

Omg...this is hilarious! Looks like the doctor is doing a complete physical!!!

I feel so bad for your Katie, what a Winter she's had, she's in my thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery. What a sweet girl she is...

and hugs to you SFAM. :)

Tammie said...

Keeping the asthma at bay is hard enough for an adult. David's been driving me nuts trying to make me take it easy. At least as an adult I know what to watch for, & those power outages were killer. I was so happy to know you guys didn't have to deal with that & had hoped that Katie Starr would miss this season's asthma. I'm sorry to know that she's been hit hard.

Ethan is amazing. I love seeing him check up on his big sis. He's a total sweetie.

If you guys need anything, please let me know.

Vivian M said...

Ethan has a great bedside manner! And the fur baby is a sweetie too. I hope Katie feels better real soon!

Candy said...

I believe there's a doctor in the house.

How sweet he is.

Hoping Katie is feeling better.

Donna said...

Hee hee.... Gotta love a Doctor with a Cookie Monster stethoscope!

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