Thursday, August 26, 2010

Is this the criteria by which a school should be judged?

Apparently Katie thinks so!

At dinner tonight Katie told us that she really likes her school but not the toilets!

"The toilets at my preschool were much better than the toilets at my new school. The toilets at my new school are too small; they are for babies! My feet even touch the floor!!"

Katie's preschool is also the religious school site for the temple that we belong to and the two schools use the same bathrooms so they are not as big as adult toilets but obviously bigger than the ones that she is using now.

We asked her why she did not think that your feet touching the ground was a good thing. " I just liked my old school's toilets." she said "They were waaaay better!"

We were hysterical but I have to say I totally understand. There is nothing like a good toilet and one that you are used to! ;-)


Teresa said...

She's hilarious! I must say tat I do like the new toilets in my house too and am quite spoiled. In fact, the photo you used has my favorite design at the bottom: No knobs, no ledges to clean. Just like mine at home. LOVE them!

Chasing Dreams Photography said...

ROTFL!!!!! That is too funny!!!! I like a good toilet too...and I totally get the feet touching the ground thing : )

Tammie said...

Why is it that Katie Starr always makes sense?

Erin said...

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Teresa said...

BTW, we went into Trader Joes and as we walk in Caroline said, "I LOVE Trader Joes. They have the BEST bathrooms!"

We5Chois said...

She cracks me up!

Don't bring her to Shanghai, she would have a fit. Now the toilets in Japan are something special.