Thursday, November 03, 2011

Trying to Pull Rank

This conversation took place two days ago over breakfast......

Katie:  "Mommy, am I in charge of Ethan when you and daddy are not home?" 

Me: "We are pretty much always here and if by chance we are not then we have someone taking care of you....and why should you be in charge anyway since you are the same age as  Ethan?"

Katie:  "Because I am over 2 months older and taller than Ethan!"

Me:  "That does not make you in charge!"

Ethan:  "See Katie....your not my boss!!" 

Katie:  Looking a little peeved and not convinced at all did not pursue the issue at hand....

Two days later.....

Katie:  Can you and Daddy go to the bathroom at the same time so that I can be in charge?!?

The laughter that was probably heard all over our neighborhood was probably a good indication to her as to the answer to that question.

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