Wednesday, November 02, 2011

A W E S O M E ! !

Approximately 2.5 months ago, six little girls (including Katie Starr) came together to form a cheerleading team.  They were shy, tentative and cheering was anything but natural for them.

In short order these same six little girls became a team...a loud, confident and energetic bunch who not only cheer as a cohesive group but are quite honestly.........
A W E S O M E!  

There have been loads of practices and games all leading up to the final Cheer-Off, which takes place this Friday night.  They have a routine that they have practiced to the point that every mom and dad in our group can do it as well...heck, Katie's loyal fan Ethan knows it as well as they do!

Tonight was our final practice and we wrapped it up with a pizza party.  It was a wonderful final get together before the grand finale.  It is not goodbye though...the girls and their families have formed a wonderful that will outlast the final cheer of the season!

Go Colts!!

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