Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mother's Day and One Year with Katie Starr

Mother's Day has always been a very special day in our family as I know it is in each of yours but Mother's Day 2006 was made that much more special in our family by the addition of Katie Starr into our lives. When we celebrate the holiday this year we will also be marking one year since our "forever in our arms day." I will never forget that day. It is just as indelibly etched into my memory as the birth of my son.

I have been a mom for over 22 years and quite simply it is the role in life that I love the most. I love being a mom to my adult son Justin who I now call friend and I love being a mom to my very 2 year old Katie who has quite simply rocked all of our worlds to the core in the best way possible. I long to mother my son to be, Ethan, who needs my mothering so very much.

Happy Mother's day from our home to yours and of course a huge happy Mother's Day to the waiting mommies; your child is out there and destiny will ultimately unite you. You are already mommies and it is just a matter of time before your child is in your arms. We cannot wait to celebrate that day with you.

With love and gratitude,

Lori - Mommy to Justin Bennett, Katie Starr Hongshan and Ethan Frederick Zhiqing; still in China - we love you Ethan!!

P.S. The troops are feeling much better. Justin was hit the hardest and is still a little under the weather but all are much improved. Thanks for your well wishes XXOO


Michael & Barbara said...

Happy Mother's Day!!

Mike, Barbara, and Mia

nikki said...

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Beckyb said...

Congrats and enjoy your day together!!! I love those special days!! What a blessing!!

Tammie said...

Happy Mother's Day to a mom who really shines!!

I always enjoy reading your posts about Katie Starr & Justin. You have such an amazing sense of humor along with total compassion for both of your children's needs. I know that your heart has already expanded & is waiting for Ethan to come home.

Glad to hear your men are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

you too!

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

Your heart is so full with love and I hope shortly your arms will be too as you get to finally hold the new man in your life.
Happy Mothers Day dear Lori

Monica said...

Happy Mother's Day! I cannot believe a year has passed, where did the time go? Thank you for being such a great friend throughout the wait & after. Justin, Katie Starr & Ethan are 3 very lucky people to have a Mom like you.