Monday, May 14, 2007

May 14, 2006 and May 14, 2007 ~ What a Difference a Year Makes

Last year on this day we received a sleeping Katie Starr. We could not wake her up in the meeting room where she was handed to us and she would not wake up until much later in our hotel room. At first she was bewildered, then terrified and finally despondent. It is no secret that our first months with Katie were quite challenging indeed. It took a long time to win our sweet girl's trust as she had been in a very loving foster home for most of her first year of life. The first picture was the only one that we got of her awake that day.

Now, one year later take a look at the joy in our Starr's face in the second picture as she celebrates with her Papa (Grandfather) at our one year "forever in our arms day" celebration this evening.

We have come so far and we are so thankful for our Katie Starr!!


Beckyb said...

Simply amazing - I love to see the change!!! What a wonderful gift!

howard said...

Dear precious Katie it has been one yaer on May 14th since you entered our live's. You have chosen Lori and Marc and your brother Justin and Gabby and your relatives and friends to be yours and you to be theirs unamiously .You have embellished their lives ' Our Starr has brought us all complete happiness , jubilation, and love.
There is no other Starr but Katie.
love always
uncle howard

Diana said...

I started reading your story on your travel blog on "The Story of You". I then started folllowing it here and I am amazed at how much Katie has change. She is such a beautiful little girl. Happy 1 Year to all of you.
Thanks for letting me read all about her:-)
(adopted mom of 2 boys 13 & 9 from Korea)

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

So sweet and oh so happy.
Happy one year as a family.

Tammie said...

Seeing the first picture brought me to tears as I remembered how hard Katie Starr's first days & months with you were.

Looking at the 2nd picture & knowing Katie Starr the way I do now, I see a warm, loving, & joyous child. You, Marc & Justin have given Katie Starr a solid foundation based on love & trust. That, my friend, is why we see the trust & love in her eyes.

kira said...

Happy 1 year and many more joyful memories to come.

Steffie B. said...

What a change...darling in both pictures!

Toby & Charlie said...

I am awed and amazed that we were in China a year ago. I'm sorry you all have been so sick. That's really rough when it spreads through the household but then again everyone can share the misery and make it less painful.
Hope you are 100% very soon!

amy said...

Im so glad I stopped by..What a sweet boy on the side
Love your pics

Doug and Terrye said...

The contrast between then and now is astounding! How beautiful to see her blossoming!!

Terrye in FL