Saturday, August 09, 2008

Spectacular and Awe Inspiring!!

These are the words that come to mind to describe the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Summer Olympics held in Beijing, China.

Tonight we gathered with a few of our amazing friends that have adopted children from China. One of the couples in attendance is adopting a beautiful little girl from Vietnam.

We all have such a special connection to the host country through our children. We watched in amazement as the evening unfolded. Marc projected the ceremonies on a 10 foot video screen set up on our back patio. In the middle of it all we Skyped with Kim C and family who are now living in Shanghai. We projected their image on to the 10 foot screen while we spoke to them..... Oh, they loved that...LOL!! Now remember that Kim and Richard had seen the ceremonies all unfold live 12 hours earlier since they are in China so they were able to let us know what was coming next.

We almost made it to the end of the ceremonies. The kiddos had the final say though as they were all pretty much exhausted after their evening of fun. These kids sure know how to party. They have to if they live with us or even just know us as parties are the name of the game around here.

I would not be telling the whole story if I did not touch on the fact that watching the ceremonies left me feeling a bit melancholy as well. After traveling to China twice to adopt our children and actually having the privilege to raise these children thus far leaves us in the place of bittersweet feelings. Our children do not live in their birth land and will never know their birth families. This is a loss for them, their families and their country that can never be quantified. We know that they are healthy and happy and that there lives with us will be full but we still grieve their losses as we know that their birth families do as well.

Ok, back to our evening and the pictures.......

Shannon, her kiddos and my kiddos

Myke who will soon be a father has fun practicing with our kids

10 foot Screen poolside with decorations

watching in awe

Enjoying the evening with friends and family

Adorable Yasmin with her mommy and daddy

Love this photo of Erin and Mia

Shannon and family

our mischief man waiting for his next opportunity to wreak more mischief

Candy holding Yasmin and Rachel

Kids are starting to lose a bit of steam

Setting up our connection with Kim and family

Here they are on the 10 foot screen
Ring around the rosy with Rachel and Yasmin as the night winds down

Here is our stage hand doing his job as team USA walks into the stadium
A wonderful finish and this next two picture shows how much fun our children really had last evening

Sweet Dreams sweet children


M3 said...

It was an absolutely incredible opening ceremony. We just kept saying "Wow!" over and over. The girls loved it too (the part they stayed awake for) and kept asking when we are taking them on their trip to China.

(Your 10-foot screen is amazing!!!)

Vivian M said...

No wonder Tammie was not home! We watched it here too, and it was spectacular. But I am sure it would have been way better at your place!
By the way, that last picture of Ethan sleeping is priceless!
We can't wait to see you all!!!

Tamara said...

It was wonderful to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics with the Moose and Goose. We had family/friends over as well. We asked the Moose if that is where she was from- and she pointed to the screen and said "has China" Watching it made me miss China!

Candy said...

Great pictures. I love the pictures of Katie & Ethan all zonked out after the fun-filled evening. We had a blast. Thank You!

Tammie said...

It was a great night! I can't imagine watching these particular opening ceremonies with anyone else.

Doug and Terrye said...

WOW!!! You folks sure do know how to throw a party!!! :)

Terrye in FL

Mary said...

Oh, it looked like so much fun! Sorry we were all sick and had to miss it. :-( Count us *in* for the next shin-dig you and Marc host!

Shari McConahay said...

I think I could have taken a similar picture of Myke that night - too bad I missed that opportunity. ; )
The Olympics were awesome and we were so happy to be able to share the night with you all. The Olympics symbolize the harmony of the world we live in and the spirit of the Olympics is just awe inspiring. China and all the Asian countries hold a special place in our heart. With all the culture and history they have to impart, we love to learn more about them all! Thank you for letting us share this great time with you!