Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Our Little Guy is a Whole Hand Today!


Dear Ethan Frederick Zhiqing,

You are 5 years old today and so we have lots to celebrate! We celebrate the amazing boy you are and the fact that you are a part of our family; a very special part!

You are our third child and the child that completed our family. You are our treasured mischief man. The boy that has found a special place in the hearts of all who know you and most especially those who are able to call you family. All of us marvel at your strength, tenacity, humor, kindness and your beauty. Actually, we are all in awe of you and how far you have come in these first five years; especially since you had to fight so hard to survive your first two years of life. Fight you did though and your fight rewarded all of us with the love of this forever family that we cherish so much.

Thank you for fighting so hard!

We know that you will do amazing things in your life and in the lives of others. We look forward to every single day with you and as the years march by we will be here to celebrate every birthday with you and to see the gift of your bright future unfold.

Love forever and always,

Your family,
Mommy, Daddy, Katie, Justin and Judy
Nana, Papa and Grandma


Teresa said...

Beautiful. You have such a way with words, Lori.

Ethan, your amazing self has been adopted into an amazing family.

Love Letters To China said...

Happy Birthday E. You are such a special little boy. I'm so glad we are able to be a part of your life and see you grow and develop into the young man you will one day be.


ZhangshuMom said...

Happy Birthday Ethan! Wow, a whole hand! 5 is so cool! You have been blessed to be part of an amazing family. And they are truly blessed by you. May you continue life with such vest and love. We can't wait to see you again, hopefully soon!

Donna and Catherine Anne XiuJin

Tammie said...

What a loving & beautiful post Lori. So many of us have been touched by Ethan & the person he is.

Vivian M said...

Happy birthday Ethan! You really are an amazing person and we look forward to watching you grow into an even more amazing young man! But for now, enjoy being 5 and living up to your nickname. Someone has to keep your Mommy and Daddy on their toes. :o)

Faith said...

Present and accounted for. Beautiful words, photo, child.
Love you guys.

Ashton said...

SO sweet. Happy {belated} Birthday to your handsome little man!

Carroll said...

I am just in the process of scrolling through your archives as I "get to know" your sweet family. What a gorgeous child! Happy Belated Birthday, Ethan :-)