Sunday, July 04, 2010


Bandz that is...if you have a child then you know what I am talking about. Those colorful and pliable bracelets shaped like anything that a marketer can dream of; from princesses to hippos and it seems everything in between. Sometimes it is a bit tricky to identify the shape but the kiddos seem to have lots of fun trying!

Katie and Ethan have suddenly been bitten by the silly bug. Katie seemed mildly interested over the last few months but now she really likes them and so when she scored a pack of princess ones and Ethan got a pack of T*y Story bandz from a dear friend, well let me just say that NOW they are REALLY into them.

Katie walked into our room with half of her mother load on one wrist and the other half on the other. She proudly displayed her bracelets to me. When I suggested that it seemed to be quite a bit to wear at one time (I know...way to sensible) she looked at me like I had two heads, sighed and left the room. Of course, that gave me a glimpse into the future that seems a bit too close for comfort.

Then to add insult to injury, the E man came in with all of his bandz on one wrist....
haute couture for sure.

For your viewing pleasure!

Oh and one more thing....I will do my best not to stay away so long again ;-)



RamblingMother said...

G LOVES her sillybandz. Wonderful pic of your all American kids!! Love the tat as well, hee hee.

Teresa said...

Peter was into those for a short time, but MAN! I wish I'd thought of this idea!

Tammie said...

If you think the DD are wearing too many, then you need to see Erin in action! And obsessed? She counts them each & every day. The more the better.

Welcome to the world of Silly Bandz obsessions! I'd say I'm sorry, but I had to share the craziness. I'm glad they are enjoying them.

Love Letters To China said...

Oh let the fun begin...

Nat loves them too. She had me on a wild goose chase one day. I couldn't find them anywhere so I did the next best thing. Amazon of course!

Don't you just hate the fact we didn't think of such a silly thing? Reminds me of the Gibitz on Crocs. We could be multi-millionaires by now! ;-)

Tamara said...

Meison loves the silly bandz- Gray not as much. Wears them all- and yes it was a glimpse into the futre. I should start to prepare now.

Chasing Dreams Photography said...

Livi loves these bands...she not only wears a ton herself she decorates her stuff animals with them LOL

Have you gotten in to the bottle cap necklaces yet?

Gail said...

Happy to see your post Lori. :)

Yes, they have invaded our house too! And Grace wears them just like Katie does...because more is always better (at least in their little girl world) ;)

Hope you had a wonderful 4th!


Diana said...

I have a 17 year old that wears
Maybe not as many as your 2 but he is still wearing them:)

Vivian M said...

They don't have these in Canada (yet) and I have not seen any of the kids at school wearing them.

I am lucky that Kerri collects rocks and leaves, lol!